Hello Again

Hello. Long time, no see. We all know that the “rule” of blogging says never mention long absences in your writing, but I’m breaking that rule. I haven’t written all year! How can I apologize? There is no excuse.

This year has been full of ministry, travel, illness, visitors (and more visitors), and many days of brain fog so thick that you didn’t want to try to read anything I would have written. Trust me. That brain wouldn’t have put out anything worth reading. Our last (overseas) visitors for the year are leaving next week. This is actually sad for me, because it’s my sister and niece here for my niece’s senior missions trip. It has been lovely to have family with us.

Since I’m actually having a few clear-headed days, I am beginning to plan posts for the coming weeks. Below is a sneak peek of things I’m planning to write about.

Coming Post Ideas:

  • Books that Bless – I’ll be reviewing some books that have been a blessing to me during this journey
  • How to plan for hard days – a couple of posts about how I plan and use my time and energy (both of which are limited)
  • Movies & Music – Posts about music and movies (mostly music) that have been a blessing and helped me
  • Hymns that Help – Old fashioned hymns are rich and invariably bless and help me through hard days

So stay tuned. I’m praying for strength and clarity of mind to write consistently now. If you want a sneak peek at some of the books and music to be reviewed, click over to my Resources page and see the short description of a few things that have helped me.

If you are struggling with illness or grief, please feel free to contact me. Let me know if there is something I can write about to help you through your valley. My desire for this site is to be a blessing to others who are going through difficult time.

God bless you in your journey,

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