How I Plan for Hard Days

I Used to Plan

I used to be a “get it done” kind of person; the kind of person who liked to plan ahead. For years, I worked hard, pushed myself, and did what had to be done to finish any project or work. I even pulled a couple of all-night “shifts” to finish projects that needed to be done in a timely manner. It was hard for me, when I found myself unable to keep up the pace. I was still young, so why couldn’t I work like I had in the past? Why did simple jobs leave me exhausted and weak? Then came the miscarriages and the Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis. My limitations now made sense, but they were still hard to accept.

Some time after my third miscarriage, a friend sent me some information on some health supplements that helped me immensely. After being on them for a couple of months, I had energy and more stamina than I had in years. Yay for Plexus! I was so excited. Then my lovely energy was gone. It simply vanished one day, and I woke up exhausted. The disappointment only lasted a couple of days because I discovered I was pregnant again! I didn’t mind the exhaustion, I was growing a baby, and that’s a lot of work.

Within  a few short weeks, I had miscarried again. I was devastated. As I healed, I waited for that energy and stamina to return, but it didn’t. Instead my Lyme Disease flared and I was worse. Two more miscarriages followed. I couldn’t seem to recover. I went off the Plexus to see if it was even helping. Boy was it! Within days, I was nearly bedridden. So the supplements were helping, I was just in really bad shape.

How Can I Plan?

I am doing better than I was, but I still struggle. I want to go back to planning and scheduling, but how do you plan when you don’t know if you’ll wake up feeling great, so-so, exhausted, or in too much pain to moveFor me, the answer is “very loosely.” There are some things I plan every week. I may not get to do them, but I plan them. I plan knowing that this is a best-case-scenario plan, and there’s a strong possibility that I won’t get to do all I expect to do.  Other things I plan only on a daily basis, seeing how I feel first.

I’ll be looking at some things that have helped me in the next few weeks. Here is a sneak peek at a couple of items I’ll be reviewing:

  • Make Over Your Mornings
  • Staples Arc Notebooks
  • Menu Planning – to plan, or not to plan

I hope you’ll join us as we look for ways to plan for hard days. Will you join the discussion? What are your secrets for planning with chronic illness or fatigue? I hope you’ll share with us so we can all learn.

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