Everyone has trials. Everyone hurts at some time. Some trials are sharp, and relatively short-lived. Some seem to drag on forever. Some are merely difficult, and others feel like they will crush us. Regardless of the length, or strength, of these difficult time, we are commanded to praise God. We are told to give Him thanks in every thing. We are to bring Him glory. It’s easy to agree with this when the days are bright and clear. However, I have found that in the middle of the dark valley or raging storm, it is easy to lose sight of this, or struggle to practically put it into practice.

For nearly four years I have walked the valley of infertility and multiple miscarriages, along with the valley of chronic illness. The chronic illness started long before the other valley, but they have merged, creating a trial I never dreamed I would go through. Along the way, God has given me Scriptures and devotions, sent songs, shared sermons, and shown me books to help. I’d like to share them with you. Some of the Scriptures and devotions He gave me can be found on my blog, “Myra’s Musings.” Others I will share here. I’m also adding a page of resources that helped me along the way. My heart’s desire is that something here will help you offer to your Saviour the Sacrifice of Praise, even in the midst of your darkest hour.

Because praise doesn’t always flow from a heart full of joy…sometimes it’s a sacrifice,